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Okay this is our last episode of 2012 for reals this time I know I said in the last show that the christmas episode was the last show we where gonna do but things changed okay?

Anyway in this episode I was lucky enough to sit down with the talented Michael J Larson form deviantART and what followed was a lot of fun, you can check out Mike's stuff here michaeljlarson.deviantart.com and here brokenteapot.deviantart.com.

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Merry Christmas everyone! Join Abdullah and Donald as they discuss their fav christmas movie, gun control, Avengers Phase 2, tons of Tyler Perry hate, Donald's childhood, tons of child abuse jokes, paying for porn and everything in between.

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After Donald left me hanging in the wind and Peter's internet fucking up on him I called upon Good Morning Cybertron's Xavier to help me pick the best and worst of 2012 enjoy us bitch about stuff that nobody cares about.

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Ello Gov'nor Episode 5 Yeah I Saw Zookeeper

Orginally recorded on Dec 1 2012

In this episode Abdullah and Donald discuss Black Friday madness, Best Buy screwing Donald over,Zookeeper being a worthless movie, more John Carter hate, Hollywood running out of ideas, Family Guy the movie and Al Frank.

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Ello Gov'nor Special A Conversation With Paul Eiding

So yeah Paul Eiding showed up and we had a conversation that lasted two hours.......yeah it got pretty weird.

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Ello Gov'nor Episode 4 It's Turkey Time

So yeah Donald's back.......and we talk about stuff for two hours, also no inro and outro this week because I can't be bothered to be honest, plus I'm trying to save space.

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Ello Gov'nor Episode 3 F**k Donald

After a lackluster second episode Abdullah calls upon Peter Kowalsky to help him with this episode(because Donald didn't show up) and hilarity ensues listen as we discuss sex with puppets, tons of video game talk, Jessica Nigri,worst cosplay ideas,the state of Marvel and Spider Man, Angry Stan Lee, wrestlers in sex tapes, X Pac and Chyna plus Survior Series 2012 PPV Picks.

Warning: This episode contans a lot of sex talk so yeah if you're offended by that then you can skip it but if not then enjoy.

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Ello Gov'nor Episode 2 That Damn Cosby

Shorter episode this week because Donald showed up late and well I couldn't be bothered to edit it because it was so short but in this episode we do discuss Social Networking, Mc Chris as Rocket Racoon, Halo 4 hype, Amazon sucking, Donald's man crush on Chris Nolan and more Star Wars episode 7 talk. Not to mention a lot of Bill Cosby love.

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Ello Gov'nor Episode 1 Don Cheadle Is Diddy Kong

Finally after a lot of technical difficulties and whatnot we finally managed to get together to record our Pilot in which we disscuss Video Game Movie Addapations, Moonwallking in AC 3, My hatred for the Halo franchise, the Iron Man 3 trailer and our cast for a live action Donkey Kong movie.

Note: This episode is uneditied so expect a lot of pauses and the audio not being very good especially on Donald's end. Future episodes will be better edited.

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