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Abdullah get's joined by Doctor Who except Tom as they both discuss everything Doctor Who realted in this special episode.

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In which Abdullah gives his two cents about the YouTube shitstorm that is going on right now

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After a long hiatus Abdullah returns and explains the new format of the podcast.

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In this episode Abdullah and Xavier discuss Loki not being in Avengers 2, Spiderman and Sony, Gearbox getting sued again, Ghost Rider rights, Spiderman's sister, Video game movies, more Venture Bros season 5 talk and whether or Abdullah likes anything.

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In this episode Abdullah and Xavier discuss the Xbox one for a final time, Transformers Prime Season 3, SDCC Exclusive Toys, Venus Terzo at TFcon 2013 and everything in between.

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Listen to Abdullah and Xavier struggle to get through a week without any show notes or topics.

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It's the 20th episode! I never thought we'd make it this far, in this episode we look back at the history of the podcast and talk about Danny Terjo as the Predator, Dead Space, the Army of Two games, The Expendables movies, a harem anime with Dr Doom, Mc Hammer and the Garry Coleman cartoon show.

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Shorter episode than normal, in this episode Abdullah and Xavier discuss Xavier's thoughts on the Xbox One, the Nintendo fiasco, Transformers toy talk, Marvel animated shows and the Batman Arkham games.

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Abdullah is joined by Peter from Robotboombox.com and they discuss the new Xbox, Bronies, B-Movies, the crazy world we live in, New York, Tim Curry rape and everything in between.

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After yet another long hitaus Abdullah and Xavier are finally back! Join us as we discuss the new Xbox, Internet problems, Iron Man 3, Comic storylines and Teen Titans Go.

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Abdullah and Bobby get together to discuss kids movies, Zack Snyder, Hollywood ruining everything, having kids, black and white movies and everything in between.

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Abdullah, Xavir and Bobby get together to talk about EA, Video Games, Transformers Prime Season 3 Spoilers,Star Wars, whether or not Ricky Gervais is funny or not and everything in between. 

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Abdullah is joined by Bobby from Defending Our Myths and Heroes to talk about nerd shit.

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After yet another hiatus we're back and we talk about more random shit that nobody but us seems to care about.

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We discuss ponies! Kind of.......we also talk about pre ordering games, Transformers, wrestling and whether or not Transformers Animated is a good show or not.

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Abdullah and Xavier get together to talk about the toys at Toy Fair 2013 and everything in between

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After a breif hiatus I return with a new temporary co host Xavir! He disscuss sports, the Super Bowl, Dexter's Lab, Sci Fi vs Fact, Marvel comics and Iron Man movie talk.

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To make up for the hiatus we are currently in here's a quick interveiw with Mike Pollock voice of Dr Eggman from the Sonic games

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Abdullah and Tom get together to review the Sonic fan film by Eddie Lebron

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We where lucky enough to have Dave Fennoy of the Walking Dead game to sit down with us and give us a very interesting interview and behind the scenes look at The Walking Dead game.

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