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Abdullah and Sam review three more horror movies.

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Abdullah and Sam review three horror movies for a special Halloween themed episode.



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Abdullah and Sam return to talk about the CN purge, The Nutshack and everything in between.



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Abdullah and Sam celebrate Batman Day and talk about various topics in between.


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Abdullah and Sam talk about a lot of random stuff.

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Abdullah and Sam review SummerSlam 2016

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After yet another hiatus, Abdullah and Sam return to discuss the passing of Jack Riley, the history of animation, cartoon reboots, Steven Universe and SummerSlam.

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Note: The first half of this episode is poorly recorded so please bare with it.

Abdullah and Sam return to discuss the WWE draft, Battleground and the first RAW of the "New Era".

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After a two month hiatus the podcast returns! Abdullah and Sam discuss Neil Breen, Ghostbusters, Overwatch and everything in between.

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Abdullah and Tom return after a month long hiatus to talk about the Ryback drama, WWE recent releases, the new Power Rangers movie and Dr Who.


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Tom returns! And he and Abdullah discuss comics, superhero movies, Ghostbusters and Star Wars.

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Part 2 of the Danny Phantom retrospective.



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Abdullah and Sam try to do a retrospective episode on Danny Phantom.

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Abdullah and Sam return to talk about the WWE product in 2015, Star Wars TFA, Tumblr and everything in between.


Music by Bensound



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