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Trevor Devall makes his long awaited debut on the show!

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Voice actor David Soblov joins us to talk about his legendary VO career

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Nika Futterman (Yes, really)

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Jessica Straus returns to talk about the wonders of voice over

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Actor and steampunk enthusiast Matt Yang King joins us to talk about his current work and upcoming projects

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Voice actress Colleen O'Shaughnessey joins us to talk about her career in VO.

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Keith Szarabajka joins us to talk about his illustrious acting career.

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Voice actor Mick Wingert joins us to talk about being the poor man's Jack Black (his words not mine), Iron Man, The Avengers, Anime Dubbing, The Hidden Frequencies and everything in between. 

Check out The Hidden Frequencies here


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To celebrate Mortal Kombat 11 becoming the second highest selling game of 2019, Sara Cravens (voice of Frost) joins us to talk voice acting, video games, being in a band and everything in between.

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Note: Due to technical difficulties, this episode ends abruptly.

Jessica Straus joins us to talk her career in VO and everything in between.  

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Voice actor Matthew Watterson joins us to talk his career in VO, video games, Trollhunters and everything in between.

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BAFTA award winning voice actress Cissy Jones joins us on the show to talk VO.

Yes really.

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Townsend Coleman (voice of The Tick and 80's Michelangelo) joins us to talk about cartoons.  

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Voice over legend David Kaye

Nuff Said


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Fryda Wolff joins us to talk about the wonders of VO.

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Carolina Ravassa (Voice of Sombra from Overwatch) stops by for a chat.

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Kira Buckland joins us to talk about her career in the voice over industry.

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