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Jun 21, 2020

Note: This episode was recorded back on June 12th 2020.

Voice actress Melanine Minichino joins us to talk voice over, video games, pre school shows and so much more!


Jun 16, 2020

The voice of Sylvanas Windrunner herself, Patty Mattson stops by to chat with us about World of Warcraft, Voice Over and COVID 19.


You can check out Patty's official website here

Jun 12, 2020

The phenomenal and multi talented Roger Craig Smith joins us to chat about being the voice of Sonic, his video game career and the effects and dangers of social media.




Jun 4, 2020

Andrew Morgado joins us to talk post apocalyptic futures, current events, living with COVID 19, media, Mortal Kombat and so much more!

Check out Andrew on instagram: